Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Living Sea

We just renewed our membership at Chabot Space and Science Center, and I'm so glad we did. For one thing, they have a planetarium and a "megadome" IMAX theater, and you get free admission to a show with your entrance. It's the first time in FOREVER we've been to a movie. I am totally counting this as a movie even though it's a 45 minute educational film. It counts! And they let kids in! And babies! And they don't mind if your kid says "Poo poo! Change girl's diaper!" in the middle of the film.

I love Chabot Space and Science Center.

We obviously didn't care what movie was playing as long as it was at the right time for P's dinner, so we saw the imax film "Mysteries of Egypt" with Omar Sharif at 6 PM. People, I was so happy I almost cried. Sabrina did well, pretty much nursing in the dark the whole time, and Paloma sat on D's lap pretty quietly almost the whole time (minus the poo poo comment, which came at, of course, a silent, ponderous moment in the movie).

Next week, we are going to see this magical imax film, "The Living Sea" narrated by Meryl Streep and soundtracked by Sting. (Even though I'm not sure there are dolphins in this trailer, I'm including it for the dolphin and ocean lovers out there. You know who you are.)