Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! *and knock on wood*

Welcome to 2009!!! So far things are looking positive. Paloma is easily (!) going down for a nap, and I've been using that time to take vigorous sweaty walks with Sabrina in the Beco Butterfly. It has worked for almost a whole week. Knock on wood we keep this up.

I guess you could say I have one resolution: to exercise daily. I'm happiest when I'm exerting physically. But for that resolution to happen, other things have to happen too: P's nap, other work getting done, dinner getting made. You could call this my bundled resolution.

Paloma and Sabrina are both growing so fast. S is learning to bring interesting things to her mouth. Paloma still makes up songs all the time, and today learned to dribble a soccer ball! I was impressed with how long she stayed focused on it. We went back and forth across the yard at least twelve times.

D is so busy with work. Four classes to teach this quarter, plus an NSF panel to participate on next week, plus his dossier for tenure is due the 15th. We're a little busy around here... I start back at work on the 19th. I'm excited!

Here are some photos: us at a Christmas Eve service (with P in a dress she Did NOT Want To Take Off At All Ever); smiling Sabrina; P with a picture of a train she drew herself (omg it's so good!); sisters. Yay!