Sunday, December 09, 2007

Joe Frank, anyone?

Anyone out there heard of Joe Frank? I was in the car this evening and stopped the dial at 94.1, where there was this guy babbling on about the awfulness of anthropologists studying Mayans, and then he mentioned eating slugs, sacrificing young girls, baboon mating rituals, and why should universities spend one red cent on studying these horrible rituals and people...

Usually I skip over this stuff because who has time for radio rants. Yet, there was something weird and compelling about this that made me want to listen, and I realized it was the jazzy vamp in the background, repeating a few bars of an eminently listen-able tune. I was answering the guy in my head, "We could learn a lot about ourselves, our culture, what we sacrifice, by learning about others." This guy was so see-no-evil and it was killing me.

Then there were some random calls that eased that tension... some guy asking Joe out. Some other guy trying to get into a religious debate with Mr. Frank.

I looked him up, and it turns out Joe Frank is a performance artist/radio DJ. I completely appreciated his work, and I don't say that about all or even most performance art.