Sunday, December 02, 2007

Holiday Traditions with a little one

Holidays are here- happy December everyone! Whether you do Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, solstice or another celebration, it's time to decorate. (If you do no decorating, you get to enjoy a quiet winter!)

I would love to do a tree-- and would love to celebrate a Druid solstice ceremony to honor where we Christians got the whole tree thing from anyway! Heh.

But a tree is tricky for lots of reasons, ranging from environmental to how do you keep an inquisitive young toddler from pulling the whole damn thing over or from eating the (lovely-smelling) needles?

I'm thinking of buying a couple of plain wreaths and decorating them, or gathering pine branches (maybe through some stealthy midnight suburban neighborhood pruning- ha, I wouldn't, but it's fun to think I might) and turning them into wreaths. That's get the holiday scent in the air, plus give us a place to hang ornaments, plus be a handy thing to put gifts under.

What's everyone doing? If you're reading this, post a comment about your holiday ideas!