Friday, September 21, 2007

weekly menu

This week I felt inspired to go a little above and beyond. With my mom there to help me watch Minkie, I was able to be a little more creative with dinner.

That said, these dishes are all incredibly easy! Even if I didn't have help with the baby, they wouldn't have been too hard. And the taste return on the time investment is *unbelievably* rewarding.

M: mixed baby greens salad, whole wheat ravioli (fresh pasta from a package)

T: roasted halibut with braised artichokes and potatoes (one dish wonder- so flavorful! San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market cookbook)

W: curried chicken, sweet potato, coconut soup (incredibly delicious and the chicken is perfectly tender. Pressure Perfect cookbook)

Th: herb roasted cornish game hens with a leek and mushroom wine sauce (deglazing the pan with wine made The Most Delicious scent ever. San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market cookbook)

F: leftovers; homemade chocolate chip cookies