Monday, September 17, 2007

Minkie goes beachy!

We just returned from a quick trip to northern Florida (that is to say, southern Alabama) to visit my sister in law, bro in law and their 20 month old. Adventures in traveling, indeed!

Our flight on American Airlines was scheduled for 11 am, September 10. Of course, it was canceled due to weather in Dallas, and we were sent home to wait for our rescheduled flight on that most auspicious of flying days, Sept. 11.

Happily, that turned out to be our only snafu. Other than being sad that we lost a day of vacay, we enjoyed drama-free travel and a relaxing trip. One highlight was when BIL's granddad took us out to dinner at a restaurant called Gators, built on the swampy edge of a river where you could watch-- you guessed it-- alligators. You couldn't tell from the menu, but everything was fried. Everything. The menu might read "flounder," but that meant fried flounder. I had hush puppies for the first time. I also had a Dairy Queen frozen dessert (is it ice cream, truly? Ponder that...) and saw bats at night. It was a true cultural experience.

Here are some photos from the trip. Enjoy!