Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Public Health PSA- The Big Bad Wolf

The New York Times had a really interesting article on the correlation between lung function and hostility. The lead researcher happens to be my brilliant sister- go Dr. Beni!

Who knows how they heck they decided on this illustration, but it's pretty brilliant and surprisingly light-hearted for such a serious-sounding topic as lung function. The picture they chose shows the Big Bad Wolf having trouble blowing down a (pleased-looking) pig's house. Presumably his trouble stems from the hostility he harbors.

Yeah, now you *have* to click through and look! Sometimes the Times has a sense of humor.

Go for the illustration, stay for the content! Here's an excerpt: "After controlling for age, height, socioeconomic status, smoking and asthma, high scores on the hostility test were consistently associated with low scores on the measures of lung function in black men and women and in white women. The more hostile the person was, the more lung function declined. For each one-fifth increase in scores on the hostility questionnaire, there was a corresponding decrease in scores on the breathing tests. The association was not statistically significant in white men."

What do you think of that? Interesting and potentially provocative findings, no?