Thursday, June 14, 2007

chocolate review! Shaman's Vision

Pretend this photo is correctly laid out... sorry about that...

Shaman's Vision
Organic Dark Chocolate (60%) with Coconut
2 oz. (57 gm), $2.99
All profits support the Huichol Indians
Fair Trade

This is a very fine dark chocolate. Often when tasting dark chocolate, my first thought is, "Waiting... waiting...." The delicate dark chocolate flavor is slow to come through because the waxy texture often overwhelms it. Here, the organic sugar and vanilla carry the chocolate flavor and aroma out front. This is admittedly a little sweet for a dark, but overall well balanced.

The coconut adds a hint of nice texture but barely any flavor. If you're a coconut lover, this isn't going to send you into coconut heaven, but it's still worth trying because the chocolate is so well made.

Let me know if you try this or any other reviewed chocolate (or if you have a chocolate for review)!