Tuesday, April 10, 2007

chocolate review! Cocoa Bella

Hello, you delicious collection of mouth watering artistry.

To you, I say yes, yes, yes! To every unique piece in your box, I say yes.

Yes to the Rosemary Caramel!
Yes to the Caramel with Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt!
Yes to the Passion Fruit Puree in Ganache!

Yes, yes, yes, you Caramelized Butter Ganache, you Lemon Buttercream in Dark Chocolate Cup, you Apple Cinnamon Honey Puree in Dark Chocolate.

And yes, you brilliant French Caramel Champignon, with your chewy caramel stem and your almond praline cap. You little mushroom, you amuse bouche.

Yeah- good times at our place after we were gifted with this box of Cocoa Bella Chocolates! www.cocoabella.com. The store is in the ginormous Bloomingdale's/Nordstrom's shopping center. The riches that await you come from all over- Belgium, France, Switzerland, the US. I don't even want to think about the carbon footprint of this little blue box of goodies.

And don't be fooled- this is not your traditional box of chocolates. Perhaps you were clued in by my swooning above? If the perfect little French mushroom-shaped chocolate doesn't give it away, then the gold leaf on the strawberry and lemon buttercream cups certainly does.

The artistry in making these fine chocolates is matched or exceeded by taste. The passion fruit egg has the freshest fruit taste- and I used to have a passion fruit tree in my backyard. The raspberry pate de fruit with dark chocolate ganache not only has a fetching mod design, it presents a fresh and fabulous fruit flavor and texture.

The jasmine tea milk chocolate offers a unique combination of tastes that work surprisingly well together. Milk chocolate turns out to be the silkiest of backdrops against which the delicate flavor of jasmine unfolds.

I could review each piece in here, but I think you get the point. This is a chocolate experience. It's not the giddy fun of an enormous, homogenous bar in front of you. It's the wonder of artistry in a tiny edible package, eighteen unique times.