Saturday, December 23, 2006

a trusting kind of squid

This morning Derek brought in the paper and we happened upon an article about a giant squid caught off the coast of Japan. You know when you read something wrong and then re-read it and realize you misread it? There was a huge picture of the squid above the article and it mentioned that the squid was one of the only ones ever caught, and that this research group had been after these squid forever.

I misread a sentence in the article to say "She was a trusting kind of squid..." and Derek and I laughed and laughed about that. We envisioned a scientist saying, "Hi squid! We're doing this research and I was wondering if you'd mind coming with me." And the squid saying, "Oh, sure, no problem." And the scientists heh-heh-heh evilly and say "That's a trusting kind of squid!" And then they spear it. (It did actually die, sadly.)

In other news on the same page, the last freshwater dolphin died in the Yangtze River in China.

We also read about the crappy job of private contractors in Iraq and the general quagmire that is the US occupation there.

Also- the baby is getting cuter daily. It's amazing.

AND- if you have a clip of the Grunka Lunka song from Futurama from years ago, tell me where it is! I checked YouTube and it's only in Italian there.