Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bitch PhD! and My Awesome Friends

For my many readers (at least one) who would be interested in a blog called "Bitch PhD," I give you Bitch PhD! Enjoy!

Also for my many readers (at least one) who expressed love for a certain picture of P, I give you this photo.

My Awesome Friends

Recently in the SF Chron and on Salon, someone named Elisa Gonzalez Clark wrote an open letter to a former friend of hers who became a mom and thereafter became boring to Ms. Clark. The new mom didn't wear her miniskirts to bars anymore, didn't attract big celebrities anymore, and apparently talked about her new baby a lot. Ms. Clark ended the friendship publicly and with a lot of disdain.

Who the hell is Ms. Clark and why the hell are the Chron and Salon publishing her (immature) sentiments? She seems to be unable to grasp the concept of MOVE ON. She wants to keep partying like it's the 80's. She can't understand that her friend has gone on to a new project in her life.

She refuses to celebrate with her friend during the good times. She refuses to support her friend during the tough times. (When her friend recalls her life before the baby, Clark kind of takes a you-made-your-bed-now-lie-in-it attitude instead of just being there and listening, the way a real friend would.)

Anyhoo. To all D's and my friends who have been nothing but supportive generous and happy with us: thank you! Each of you is an incredible person and you mean so much to us.

It doesn't matter that most of our friends don't have children. They don't need to have had kids to know how to be fabulous to us, how to be friends with us. And we actually remember how to be friends with them, how to relate to those sans kids. It's not really that amazing, but I guess if one has sucky friends (or is a sucky friend, like Ms. Clark), one cannot grasp that concept.

We're really lucky to have a circle of true friends. And we're really lucky not to have encountered the bitterness expressed in Ms. Clark's letter. How sad for her to not know how to be a friend.

I'm so grateful for good family and good friends! More and more I can see what a blessing these are.