Sunday, November 12, 2006

i am wolverine

My first post-baby blog! We're in week 2 of Paloma's life. During week 1, breastfeeding was an INCREDIBLE pain! It's still painful, but that first week... let's just say it's not fun having cracked, bleeding, sore, blistered nipples while trying to feed at 1 am and also experiencing uterine cramping, sore stitches, dizzingly fast weight loss and general aches.

So I tried what I'd heard from nurses-- rubbing breastmilk onto injured nipples would help heal them. To my utter amazement, it did. By the time I had to feed on the side I'd treated with breastmilk, it had healed *just enough* to offer Paloma again. That's why I felt like Wolverine-- healing my own wounds just enough, just in time.

Now we're working out nursing, figuring out her clever tricks (sliding back on the nipple, chewing her way onto the nipple, opening wide but blocking with her tongue (!)). I've gotten better at removing and relatching.

I'm a little nervous about when D goes back to work. We get so much time together right now (he gets six weeks), and we're really enjoying it. I guess it will be okay, and I'll figure it all out.

So have you checked out MomsRising yet? I'm telling you, it's the new for family issues. Get on board! :)