Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Moon PSA for my husband

Ok- recently in my favorite magazine, Sunset, there was an article about biodynamic methods of farming as applied on vineyards. Who doesn't love the romantic as well as practical, eco-friendly aspects of biodynamic farming?

It was all great until I got to the section on how they time certain activities on the vineyard depending on whether the moon is full or "new." This article actually said that "[a] full moon is a great levitating force" and that it lifts the tides. And that "when the moon goes dark and Earth's gravity holds complete sway, the sediment in barrels stays put during racking."

Oh. My. GOD. PEOPLE!!! When you close your eyes, things don't disappear! When the moon "goes dark," it does NOT ACTUALLY SHRINK. It only looks like that because of how the sun's light hits it. It is ACTUALLY STILL THERE, still exerting the SAME gravitational pull on Earth and everything on Earth with the same force.

Get this straight-- the tides happen four times a day and have nothing to do with what phase the moon is in. The tides occur due to gravitational interaction between the moon, Earth and sun and are observable only because the ocean is relatively enormous. You cannot observe tidal effects in yourself or in grapevines-- gravity is such a weak force, you can only observe Earth's gravitational effects on you. If you figure out how to observe the gravitational effects of other heavenly bodies, you better get on the horn to the Nobel folks STAT, because you're up next year.

Please tell everyone you know. My husband is going crazy with crap like this in widely read publications.

Like in Yoga Journal magazine. Where they made similar claims-- that in Ashtanga yoga, there's a theory that you shouldn't practice yoga during the extremes of the moon's phases because "different" gravitational pulls would throw you off. Now I am open minded, but not to crap!!! It's as bad as saying the world is flat. It is THAT BAD.

Sorry for kind of ranting here, but with the constant misunderstandings of something as beautiful as gravity (ok, so I'm married to a physicist!), I had to use my little public space for good not evil.