Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ms. Mediation

Ehhh... I go back and forth between "Mediation is my next career step!! So thrilling!!" to "I am totally unhire-able for any sort of paid work in the world" to "whatever, this is all on hold for one to two years" to "who knows what will happen." Pretty much I think that last one is most accurate. I've got some action items on a timeline charted out and feel good about that. But in truth, it could be a couple of years before my career is off and running. It could be longer! It could possibly be shorter, if my sister-in-law Kelly is any indication (who landed a great job when her son was 8 months old). On the whole, I have a feeling deep inside that everything is going to work out well, but it's hard to convey that to people. Ah well-- one of the many gifts of pregnancy is realizing I don't have to explain myself to others.

Sooo, instead of worrying about that, let's talk about handling the emotional messes of pregnancy. And nope, we're not talking about me! Strangely enough, I feel like the eye of the storm-- pregnancy hormones totally agree with me and I've been feeling quite calm and centered. The emotional storm blows in with my parents! Especially mom. She's pretty unstable-- calm during one moment, then growing into anger (doesn't matter what the topic of conversation is). It's a common theme for her. I'm pretty certain I don't want to manage her needs during labor and delivery! At one point I thought she'd be helpful during labor, but now I'm not sure about that.

I don't owe her the experience of being in my labor and delivery room, right? Right?

Damn. I just finished my chocolate bar. It was a little love gift from Derek. Green and Black's organic milk, which is darker than most milk chocolates (and therefore better, says she who lives blissfully near the Scharffenberger factory).

Not that I need chocolate to finish a thought or anything.

What was I saying?

Oh! Go see "Little Miss Sunshine!" It's definitely dark humor, which I'm generally not into. But they skewer the little girl pageant industry, and Alan Arkin should *definitely* win for Best Onscreen Lovable Grandpa/Heroin Addict. No doubt. Steve Carrell is also fabulous in this. You could wait for the DVD, but if you need a laugh now, this is a really good bet.

Heh, there's a foot coming out of my torso! I always imagined it'd be creepy but in fact, I *love* movement. It's so fun!