Monday, January 09, 2006

Remedies says, "You scratch my back & I'll...higher..."

Remedies was one of my favorite classes in law school. I even liked the title- "Remedies." It seemed to say, "You know all that crap you learned the past couple of years? All that stuff people do to each other, all the crimes and torts and breaches and whatnot? Well, I'm here to say, there are some remedies. Let me show you." I liked that. It was a class with personality.

Property, on the other hand, property had no personality. Property tried to be cool ("Look! I've got magic language! All you have to do is say 'livery in seisin!' and voila!"). But Property was not cool. Property would never, ever write poetry or even some bad fiction. Property would never try to express itself. Property watched lots of tv, kept up on celebrity gossip, and always fixed its hair according to the gospel of the biggest Hollywood actor. In other words, Property was boring as hell.

And international human rights law, and international business and human rights? They said, "Fuck all y'all. We're busy over here!" I loved them. They were totally exciting, beautiful, and fabulous, and didn't even care what anyone thought. They'd make up a song, put on lip gloss, wear a power suit or forget to get a haircut for a year. Didn't matter- they looked damn good doing it.

So back to remedies- I'm enjoying remedies today, and I've got the windows wide open, the radio on.