Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another two woots for my husband

There are more reasons than I can write about why my husband is SO COOL. But here's another one: he tells me that we are all made of stardust. (He was explaining how that song is true...not that we like the song. Or really, any poppy music. Why does popular music really suck these days. Where are the artists. That's another post.) The reason it's not cliche, trite or maudlin when he says it is because he's also a really brilliant physicist. And he described it to me in terms of cosmology and physics (for a layperson). We became people and they became stars.

Last night he was wrestling with Mathematica. He was writing some program to teach chaos theory to his students in computational physics. He showed me what he came up with, something about oscillation and then you change one little thing and then suddenly it's all over the place. He loved it. He stayed up until 3:00 am preparing notes and the lecture for his students.

This is why he's allowed to say things like "we're stardust!" with wonderment without me rolling my eyes. Because he's crazy brilliant and hardworking.

Also- he is SO excited to have kids because he's excited to teach them. It makes me happy that we both want to be active in our children's learning and development. Especially since they're very likely going to public schools. (Don't get me wrong- we think the public schools around here are great, many good opportunities.) The kids are going to be stimulated. He claims that by the time they're sixteen or so, they're going to have heard everything we can teach them. Then they'll surpass us and we can sit back while they give us presentations and teach *us*. (He laughed when he said that.) :) Not that they won't be teaching us the whole time...