Thursday, August 14, 2014

quickest ever cold tomato soup

Photo by Flickr user Chiot's Run

If you're also dealing with miles of tomatoes, try this easy cold soup!

I'm part of a fabulous local CSA and receive a ton (well, a bushel. Maybe a half bushel? A lot) of veggies every week. On one hand, I love that it keeps me out of the grocery store for the most part. On the other hand, it's like a weekly challenge--  FINISH IT or drown in rotting vegetables.

Then I remembered the Vitamix can do anything, so I'm putting it to work. Any blender could handle this, though.

Cold Tomato Soup

- 2 cups cold water
- 2 lbs heirloom tomatoes
- half a bunch of beet greens (spinach or chard could work well too)
- 1 medium cucumber, peeled if it's not the Persian kind
- 2-3 small sweet gypsy peppers
- 1-2 radishes, 1-2 inches each
- drizzle of olive oil

Throw it all in, blend till blended. Let it sit a minute, and then eat. Or drink.

I'll probably make all kinds of variations on this every week. I might throw in a carrot or a raw beet or who knows what else. Vitamix has my back.

I didn't add salt because the flavor here, especially with slightly spicy radishes, is so good itself, but you could add a dash and see what happens.

For the kids, I'll probably toast up some bread with butter and a rub of garlic and serve this all together. They're not soup eaters so much outside chicken noodle, but I'm on a mission to convince them.

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