Monday, October 07, 2013

lipstick review: NARS Fire Down Below

My love of NARS has been revived.

It was my last day at BlogHer in Chicago and I walked over to the shopping area on Michigan Avenue for lunch. I had a few minutes to browse and remembered the friendly little Sephora in the mall there.

If you are thinking, "How different is one Sephora from another, how different is one MALL from another?" I'm in agreement with you and clearly we're both not from New Jersey. But really! The folks at this one were memorably helpful.

I was inspired by the bright red worn as an all-day neutral by Cheryl Contee (@ch3ryl; partner at Fission, a founder at who, with the fabulous Katherine Stone of PostPartum Progress

In the tube, it looks fairly intense. It feels and goes on very matte and wears very well. There's no feathering, bleeding, drying out (surprisingly).
Ignore the messy bed hair! I loved how it turned out-- much easier than I'd expected, less "LOOK AT ME" and more "go with most anything." Who knew red could be neutral? This is light years away from horrifying "flesh tone" neutrals. This might be my new go to color (which, if you know my long and storied love of Clinique's Black Honey, is quite the pronouncement).

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