Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Time for the 83rd Annual BlogHer!

At least, it feels like this conference has been around that long, along with quickly-established protocols and etiquette and terminology that accompany blogging. Back in my day, we coded things by hand! None of these namby pamby WYSIWYG editors. Get off my pwn!

And every year around this time, I have a heart to heart with myself about why I blog. Why I pay to keep this domain name around the house. Why I leave the blog public instead of just locking it down and saying what I really really think.

And I realized that the challenge of blogging that keeps drawing me back is the challenge of saying what I really think out loud, and finding the courage to let those words live in the world by finding the talent to say them beautifully.

This is part of the reason I don't blog twice daily.

Practice makes better, and practicing in public, allowing the process to be out there as much as the words and thoughts are out there-- that's my biggest challenge.

But as I keep going in life and blogging, I'm giving myself more elbow room to express my opinions, even perhaps a bit messily. Because every once in awhile, perhaps someone else will be able to relate, will feel understood, will feel challenged and engaged and will want to share some words, some poems, some pictures, some bit of their own grace too.

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