Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why I blog

I want to practice writing.

I want to practice putting my voice into the world without apology.
I want to think through difficult problems out loud and with others.

I want to bring together and hear from a community of thinkers and doers who have ideas and comments to share.

I want to be visible in a world where women are often invisible, where children of immigrants are often invisible.

I want to create a space where others are heard and are visible, too.

I want to make people laugh.

Writing with Ink
Photo by Flickr user urbanworkbench

I don't want to be seen as a marketing device.

I don't want to compete with other bloggers or shut down anyone's voice.

I don't want to be a mouthpiece for anyone or anything other than my own true experience.

Are you a blogger or a regular blog reader (or both)? I would love to hear why you blog, if you do, and what your goals are, if any. If you're a regular blog reader, what are your favorite go-to blogs?