Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Among the most beautiful things I have seen: California at sunrise, traveling south by car or airplane. Mist still brushing the tops of the hills and hanging in the farming valleys. Quiet, but alive and breathing. The potential of morning with its angled light infuses the landscape with something mystical that disappears when the full blaze of sun hits.

I love starting my day like this. Early early. In the wintertime, I am much less enthusiastic and romantic about morning. Then it's just a dark, cold number on an alarm clock. But right now, I want to claim this time and indulge in it. Mornings are for creating, for warming up, for beginning things.

Especially while I am away from my girls and spouse, I want to burn up this energy making things that last: writings for this blog, relationships for work. Making connections online and in person. That's the goal for the next few days. Beyond that, the goal is to keep writing here. Something to keep this ball in the air, even if there isn't much art or grace in the words. How many drafts I've saved without publishing! The magical morning hour will help me get over that, I hope. It's a blog, a practice space, but a public practice space so there is some accountability. Which is a relief to have. (Are you sick of reading that in blogs? "I will do this because now I'm accountable?" It's such a cliche, but for now it's also useful. Sorry all!)

And also, I will be totally flabbergasted if I can actually manage to remember that I love mornings and kick myself out of bed at a sunrise-esque hour. Without waking up the littles. The Fear of waking them is almost enough to keep me huddled under the covers. Goal: get past The Fear.

There's the ocean and coast out my window. Time to begin the day with others. (It's BlogHer-- prepping for the crowds!)