Sunday, March 20, 2011

Local fashion bloggers make good! 3 Reasons why the SF scene is looking interesting

SF is chic and lovely and so crowded with design and people who love design that you can't swing an Eames chair without knocking into one. Interior design, theater/stage/lighting design, landscape design, cupcake design and every other kind you can think of (and some you probably wouldn't). Fashion design is yet another.

Hold up-- is this a WordyDoodles topic? Heck yeah. My co-blogger is infinitely more qualified to speak on this (her PhD thesis title has the words "Fashion Police" and "post-colonial" in it, so no doubt she's the expert. But one of the main themes in these parts is self-expression, whether it's in parenting or politics or style. Or chocolate or lip gloss. Clearly we are lucky to live in a nation where you can express yourself through chocolate. You get where I'm going. This is about discovering the good stuff wherever we find it, deep or light.

Anyhoo, SF/Bay Area offers such amazing style options and from a total and complete outsider's perspective, I think the industry here is on the up and up. Here are three reasons:

1. The Bay Area consistently develops local talent in academic settings like FIDM
2. There's a passion among Bay Area entrepreneurs to push creative limits while building a dependable customer base
3. There's no small interest among those who want to write about style and creative arts, as well as those who want to read about it.

1. There are some amazing shows put on by the talented students of FIDM. I still have happy memories of being visually blown away by their show when I went as a high schooler some (many) years ago. (Maybe because that was so impactful, but from the photos I see from professional runway shows, it looks like many of them could use the shot in the arm that FIDM seems to have in spades. I just love what they produce.)

FIDM Fashion Designer, Natalia Romano with her couture gowns inspired by Tweedledee and Tweedledum
How cool is this FIDM adaptation of Tweedledum and Tweedledee?
And SF Chron just covered a "packed fundraiser" fashion show. While I can't get behind lots of these looks (seriously, corsets?), I admired the feather mohawk and Catharsis dress and am glad to see how much fun folks had at a nonprofit fundraiser. :)

2. And we just had the aptly-titled "The Reinvention" of SF Fashion Week sponsored by the SF Fashion and Merchants' Alliance, which I hope continues to grow (I'm a fan of our local shops).

3. Finally, it was gratifying to see four Bay Area fashion bloggers highlighted in the Chronicle's Style section a couple Sundays ago. They seem to have come to the blogging world relatively recently, but their work has been picked up, passed around and resulted in invites to runway shows around the world. This is great for them but also for SF style in general, to bring some perspective from the Bay to the world and vice versa. They're definitely not the only, and not the first, but the fact that they got this traditional media coverage signaled that their distinct voices are heard. I loved that-- it's inspiring to me to think that good writing can stimulate good conversation. Which is why I keep with this Like I said, we're WordyDoodling on all forms of personal expression, from arts to parenting to politics to style. That's my definition of a holistic blog. :)

Got favorite style bloggers? Do share in the comments; I'd love to add some to the blogroll and maybe feature a couple in future posts. xo