Wednesday, May 20, 2009

going to school

You have to figure that having a professor for a dad, Paloma would pick up on the teacher thing fast. True that.

She's now doing really well at playing teacher. I sit on the couch, sometimes with my mom, and Paloma stands in front. We say "Good morning teacher!"

P: "Good morning class!"
Me: "What are we learning about today? Yesterday we learned about trees."
P: "Today we are learning about cars. Cars and trucks go on the road. People stay on sidewalks."

And she went on about the wind, and the road, and the wheels. It felt like morning poetry.

Sometimes having a toddler is a really great reminder of how creative we all can be. Paloma made me want to do some creative writing or make a crazy collage or do a twisty interpretive dance. I always thought I couldn't draw but Paloma is teaching me that maybe I can after all. Don't worry, I won't assault you with my refrigerator art. Just hers. :)