Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here's our simple Thanksgiving spread this year. We shared the meal with my parents, sister, brother in law and our daughters. We had:

- a Diestel turkey (organic, heirloom, local), brined-- a *fantastic* way to have turkey.
- artichoke parmesan stuffing
- spinach persimmon salad
- mashed potatoes
- roasted sweet potato cheesecake
- various pies from Whole Foods

(If you're a Sunset magazine reader, you'll recognize all these. They all came out wonderfully.)

It was a bountiful and delicious meal. But what I'm most grateful for is how well it went, how stress-free it felt, how everyone seemed to relax and just enjoy it.

She is indeed delicious, but I promise we didn't nibble her while at the Thanksgiving table. Sabrina is such a joy to mother!! She's totally easygoing, engaged, responsive, beautiful and wonderful.

Ah, and my brilliant, beautiful Paloma. Here she is in her tiger outfit, holding a portrait of herself in a mirror. (!) Tilt your head to your left and you'll see the face she consistently draws-- two eyes, two ears, a smile, and two legs. I LOVE how she draws people sideways. And encircling it and calling it a mirror was the piece de resistance for me. ;) I am grateful for this girl every moment of my life.