Thursday, October 16, 2008

chocolate review- Seeds of Change Isle of Skye

Let's say that the open wrapper and sideways picture is because this bar was so damn good I couldn't be bothered with a perfect shot. :) (Sorry about the lazy photography!)

No, really. This 3.53 oz. bar was about $1.50-$2.00 at Whole Foods. And it was THE BEST crispy chocolate bar I've ever had.

Now, I am not a Nestle Crunch fan. It's waxy and gross and cheap and also, Nestle is evil. I realize this makes me unpatriotic and all sorts of things to Nestle Crunch lovers. I know it's a staple in Halloween bags and at baseball games and what have you. But a fact is a fact, and that is not good chocolate.

But Seeds of Change-- this is good chocolate. SO good that they've changed my mind completely about crispy rice in chocolate. Their description: "Dark milk chocolate blended with crispy puffed grains."

At first I thought "puffed grains" was an overblown way of saying crisped rice, but they do in fact have a variety of crisped grains-- oats, wheat, rye, barley and millet. There's no strong (or even discernible) rye flavor. And the consistency of each grain is about the same, so you're not getting a big chewy barley pearl next to a delicate wisp of crisped brown rice. This is wonderful for getting very slight variations while sticking with an overall theme.

And let's talk about the chocolate! It is really such fine dark milk chocolate. I wish all chocolate were dark milk. It's the guilty pleasure of the creamy goodness of milk with the oh-so sophisticated delicious chocolate depth of dark. Ok, for a truffle, you might want something darker. But especially for a bar like this, it's the perfect ratio-- 40% cacao.

At this price, it's a very worthwhile buy. It can last-- I went through mine in a week. But I can see it going dangerously fast too. Either way, you'll enjoy it thoroughly.