Wednesday, September 17, 2008

fall is here!

I was dreading it and dreading it. The chill, the work onslaught, the shorter days. But today it's here, all of the above, and unexpectedly-- I'm enjoying it!

I'm thinking of apple pies from the bushels coming off the tree in my parents' backyard. The enormous turkey I plan to brine again this year for Thanksgiving. Hot chocolate, cookie baking, warm hats. (Yeah, the first non food item on there. I love the food items. The warm clothes aren't as much fun. Well, unless someone wants to surprise me with a fabulous new sweater.)

And there's the fun of having two beautiful children at Christmas. The paternity and maternity leave that Derek and I are both taking which means we will enjoy this all together. Fall's not sooo bad.


Daily, Paloma acquires more words. It is SO MUCH FUN! Today she said "One a day!" because I gave her a vitamin, which she finds delicious, and told her a few days ago that she gets one a day.

Still working on figuring out Sparkle's ex-utero name!