Monday, July 24, 2006


Well, the third trimester has started with a grand and glorious introduction to the World of Cankles. I have been shocked, shocked the past two days at the state of my feet. Shocked being relative, of course, because what's shocking is what's happening in the Middle East. But when you see your body doing something unexpected, it can really take you aback. Thus, I can't look at my feet without being a little appalled. I've never been unable to see the bones in my feet and ankles, and very suddenly they're gone. Sigh.

A pregnancy board pal made me laugh when she wrote "Welcome to the canklemester!" For sure.

Anyone have tips on handling sciatica? Anyone? This is fairly recent for me, though lower back pain has been with me this whole time pretty much. Ah well. I *am* enjoying the kicks and movement.

And I swear we're going to make this one bedroom work, at least for a few months. We're converting our dining nook as a nursery. Then we're going to make our coffee table convertible into a dining table by creating removable legs. We'll have two dining chairs in the room and store two chairs in the garage. That way the living space doubles as a dining space without being too crowded (ie with a coffee table *and* dining table *and* chairs.)

October is coming fast!