Wednesday, June 21, 2006

gun owners write to the UN

I'm not in a mood to be particularly nice and beat around the bush. I saw this article on msnbc and it saddens me how ignorant of the law many Americans are. Fine, be a gun owner, but please don't be an idiot gun owner. From that article:

"LaPierre [executive director of the NRA], who also uses the site to pitch his new book, “The Global War on Your Guns,” asks NRA members to send letters to Kariyawasam and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan warning that “the American people will never let you take away the rights that our 4th of July holiday represents.”

It's called state sovereignty, Wayne, and it means that Dubya, our criminal in chief, can take away those hallowed rights-- but not an international organization. And NOT EVEN an international treaty-- EVEN IF we've signed it!-- if we haven't ratified it!

By the way, those rights that are enshrined in the Bill of Rights? The president has ALREADY taken many of them away, Wayne! Ever hear of the Fourth Amendment, or is your head stuck too far up the ass of the Second (which is meant to protect against the King's Royal Army of Yesteryear) to realize we HAVE other rights?

There's also the First Amendment, and a whole mess of others that have been seriously eroded BY YOUR OWN government. The president has said on numerous occasions that some laws (like those found in the Bill of Rights) just don't apply to him and his administration. And he has acted on that. So Wayne, why don't you and your minions do something about *that*?

God, are these the same people who read the Left Behind series like it's The Truth? Yeah, the "evil" head of the UN...

I get pissed at lazy thinking and lack of thinking.